Homeland for RIF HODLers


A censorship resistant, self contained blockchain solution for the Decentralized Sharing Economies era.

TVL expressed in USD

A fully Crypto collateralized protocol

RIF On Chain brings to the RIF ecosystem a pegged 1:1 to USD stablecoin for every day users, an empowered token for RIF holders, and a leverage position for traders.
All the crypto possibilities in one safe and sound protocol.
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Go Beyond HODL!

Get the best out of your RIF tokens

RIFpro tokens allow you to receive an extra income while holding your RIF. Think of a passive income, add small leverage and you’ll get an empowered RIF. RIFpro (RIFP) is the best option for those who think ahead with low time preference in mind.
With an historical perfomance of  on top of RIF, why not give it a try?
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Go X!

Go leveraged on your RIF

If you are an experienced trader holding RIF, this long position on RIF token will suit your portfolio.
RIFX is a leveraging mechanism that allows you to have a leverage on your RIF tokens with no third party risk associated.
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Seize stability

Protect your savings with a fully Crypto Stablecoin

Avoid crypto volatility using RDOC for payments, daily transactions, holding your savings, and acquiring RIF Services like identity, storage or communications.
RIF Dollar is a fully crypto collateralized stablecoin. 1:1 pegged to US Dollar guaranteed by the smart contract.
RIF Dollar (RDOC) is the ideal token to participate in Decentralized Sharing Economies.
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Govern + Stake

Get even more by staking the governance token

RIF On Chain is a protocol governed by Money On Chain's MoC Token
Get even more by staking MoC, a token that goes beyond the governance. Stake the token in the protocol itself to earn yielding without giving them to third parties losing the governance power nor compromising your private keys.
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Integrate the Protocol

We are glad to present the opportunity for different vendors to integrate the RIF On Chain / Money on Chain Protocol.
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